Friday, 4 August 2017

Outside the garden

We went bird watching we spotted a buzzard while we were driving.
Then at Burton Mere RSPB Granny and Tom saw
Mallard ducks
Grey heron
Moorhens and their chicks
Little egret
Canada geese
Black tailed godwit
Blue tit
Wood pigeon

Tom's favourite was the moorhen chicks. One of them was walking over a lily-pad.

While we walked along the path we saw a lot of bird poo all splatted under some trees. There were lots or blackberries, Tom ate some. We saw brown dragonflies. In the trees there were a wooden woodpecker and two very big wooden bats.

When we got back Tom looked in Granny's garage to see why the car had to stay outside. There were swallow's nests and lots more poo. 

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